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"Cohanim Blessing on Pesach Chol HaMeod in the morning at the Kotel in the year 5751"
The Cohanim are the decedents of Aaron, Moses brother, they are the Jewish priests eternally. They cover their heads and hands with their talis (prayer shawl) when giving the blessings.
As you can see in the photos men and women are in different sections. This is to create an uplifting atmosphere of spirituality without petty frivolity and flirtatious behavior for the few moments that people pray.

all photographs are limited editions and signed by Avrahom Dovid

all Photos are 14.5" x 10" (36.3 x 25 cm), unless otherwise stated

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Cohanim at Kotel # 1
Cohanim at Kotel # 2 (This photo available in 4 sizes: (30" x 20"), (20" x 13.5"),     (14" x 10"), (6" x 4").)
Cohanim at Kotel # 3

Cohanim at Kotel # 4
Cohanim at Kotel # 5

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