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"Haar HaZitim & Shaar Rachamim"

all photographs are limited editions and signed by Avrahom Dovid

all Photos are 14.5" x 10" (36.3 x 25 cm), unless otherwise stated

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This photo is in the Valley Gorge of Haar Ha Zitim; on top of the cliff is the grave site of Ohr Chaim Ha Kodesh

Haar # 1 - Yad Avshalom (Absalom)

Haar # 2 - Yad Avshalom (Absalom). A little above the pinnacle of the structure ShaarHaRachamim can be seen.

Haar # 3 - Zechariah Ha Navee(house structure)

Haar # 4 - Zechariah Ha Navee (house structure) Tomb

Haar # 5 - Ohr Chaim Ha Kodesh, located just slightly from the cliffs edge above ZechariahHaNavee's tomb.

Haar # 6 - Ohr Chaim Ha Kodesh

Shaar Rachamim is on the eastern side of the Temple Mount. This is the gate that Moshiach will pass through soon.

Shaar # 1 - Shaar Rachamim (The Gate of Mercy)

Shaar # 2 - Shaar Rachamim (The Gate of Mercy)

ShaarHaRachamim after some snow, looking toward the east while standing in the Old City.

ShaarHaRachamim, looking toward the east while standing on the southern slope of Mount Zion.

ShaarHaRachamim, looking up and toward the east while standing in the valley.









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