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The Third Beis HaMikdash
introduction by-
Rabbi Gil Eisenbach at Yeshiva Aish Ha Torah
in The Old City of Jerusalem

The Beis HaMikdash is the place of Kedusha (holiness). Holiness is a function of HaShem's (G-D's) proximity to a place. Although HaShem is everywhere, He chooses do make His presence most intense in the Beis HaMikdash. It is from that place- the center of the universe- that all creation began, and from which all that exists extends. This uniqueness is reason why He imbued His presence mostly at that site.

The human being, and particularly the Jew, is able to do the will of the Creator, as detailed in the Torah and Oral Traditions. But the ultimate fulfillment goes even further than mitzvah observance alone. It ideally includes the uniting of one's self- one's soul- with the transcendental entity, HaShem. As lofty as this sounds, it can be accomplished, if does the mitzvot with the intention of bringing HaShem into his world, thereby.

In the Beis HaMikdash, the human is able to feel the presence of Hashem and connect to it. The Divine Service that transpires in the Temple- the animal, foul, & meal offerings- is a means through which we can come close. 'Korban' is from 'Karov' (close). One who experienced the Beis HaMikdash took with him a concrete sense of being one with HaShem, that would affect his thinking and actions for much time. And therefore, the Torah commands the Jew to visit the Temple at least three times each year.

That we don't have the Holy Temple at this juncture in time, and not for almost 2000 years, represents our spiritual distance from HaShem. When we come close to HaShem, or when HaShem comes close to human-kind, we will have the ultimate redemption. The Third Temple will be rebuilt. Our prophets have assured us that the Third Temple will stand forever. Although prophets no longer roam the streets of Jerusalem, their words still ring loud and clear.

May we be vehicles to bring about the Redemption. By learning HaShem's Torah, davening (praying) and doing His mitzvot- all with the intention of uniting with Him- we have the means to quicken the Ultimate Redemption. The physical manifestation of our unity with HaShem will be the Third Beis HaMikdash.


The Third Temple
introduction by-
Reb Dovid Hertzberg in The Old City of Jerusalem

The Third Holy Temple

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ztl. shared the following parable from Reb Shlomo of Radomsk: Imagine there's a father and child. The child is crying, so of course being the compassionate father he is, he consoles his son. But what happens when the father is also crying? If the son is a really good child he puts his pain aside and consoles his father. How do we understand this? The Holy Temple is in ruin and we cry a billion tears over the loss of our house. But when our eyes are opened we see that G-D consoles us in his utmost compassion and promises us, we will soon merit to once again see our house rebuilt. From our tears we see how much G-D is crying in his state of homelessness. We make ourselves strong and console G-D with the words, please cease from weeping for I promise you that very soon you will have your new house to dwell in and this Holy Temple will last forever.

The Holy Temple is called 'The Chosen House' yet literately it means the house of choice. The words of Isaiah are the constant prayer of the Jewish People. And I will bring them to my Holy Mountain and I will gladden them in my House of Prayer, for My House is the House of Prayer for all the nations. We the 'Chosen People' make the choice in the House of Choice to share the living eternal G-D together with the whole world. Being chosen means we choose to include all in our choice. When we choose to live together with love and great respect in peaceful coexistence we hasten the ultimate redemption and merit to build and see the Eternal House of Choice, The Third Holy Temple.


Tikkun Olam - Repairing, healing and building the Bria (creation) through the act of bringing G-d's sovereignty into the world through Torah and mitzvot (positive acts of loving kindness). Obviously, G-d Almighty owns the universe which dwells within His creation of time. To make G-d the acknowledged King of the Heavens and the Earth is a human state of mind and appreciation. "It is in our hands".

The absolute 101% fact is that 'The Third Temple' will be built. It is only a matter of time now. Granted, the real estate (Har-Ha-Byet, The Temple Mount) is a little bit difficult today due to our lack of joy and unenlightened approach to life which can be repaired in an instant, so we have begun the construction in a different medium. A small but important part of the foundation has been built already. Our current goal is to get the entire Jewish People and the rest of the world turned on to the idea and reality of 'The Third Temple'. We aim to do this through The Third Temple¨ internet portal, enlightened Torah learning, love of the Land of Israel and the sale and distribution of quality products with the'Third Temple'¨ trademark logos.

That is just to start.

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