Kedusha Connection Cords

These "Kedusha Connection Cords" segments of 100% pure wool (each color a different kever) were wrapped around each of the kevers of our special holy people, the tzadikim. The idea to start doing this with special kever places occurred to me approximately in 5747 and was based on the long standing tradition of wrapping red wool around the Kever of Rochel Emeinu one of the great great etc. grandmothers of the Jewish People . The tradition is to walk around in a counter clock wise direction encircling the grave 7 times (sometimes more than one series but in groups of 7). Then I (Avrohom Dovid) say some Tehillim and personal prayers and afterwards remove the wool. I use the cut up segments as book marks in the Chumash (Torah- 5 Books of Moses), Tanach (Bible), Sidur (prayer book) or Tehillim (Psalms), etc. They do help to remind oneself of the person and what they stood for. G-D should please give us all the inner and outer strength to be a messenger in a real material sense of the spiritual rainbow that all these holy people constantly reveal into eternity.
Enjoy them!!!

Look carefully at the photos and you'll see the various Kords wrapped around the Kevers.

Red Kever Rochel Emenu (photo unavailable)
Purple Kever Yosef HaTzadik (photo)
White Dovid HaMelach (photo)
Yellow Zacharia HaNavi (photo unavailable)
Blue Teal Shimshon Ha Gebor (also his father Manoach) (photo)
Lavender Rebbe Shimon bar Yochi (photo)
Dark Reddish Brown Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess (photo unavailable)
Gray Rebbe Nachum Ish Gamzoo (photo)
Dark Green Rabbi Yonaton ben Uziel (buried in Amuka) (photo unavailable)
Ivory The Rambam Maimonides (photo)
Green Rabbi Yoseph Karo (photo)
Light Blue

Ari HaKodesh

Chaim Vital (a certain amount of the actual Ari material was also wrapped around Chaim Vital's Kever 7 times, which is now located in Kiriat Melachi after having been moved from Damascus) (photo)

Electric Green Orachaim HaKodesh (photo)
Pink Baba Sali (photo)
Deep Blue Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson (photo unavailable)
Brown Rebbe Shlomo Carleboch (photo unavailable)
Black Rabbi Meir Kahane (photo unavailable)
Magenta Rabbi Eliezer ben Arach (photo) (string not shown below)

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There is more davening, wrapping and much work to be done!

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