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Yishai (Jesse), the son of Obed, the father of King David, lived more than 400 years according to the Sages. It is said that only four people in this world died only because of the serpent's counsel to Eve (not due to their own transgressions). Yishai, a descendant from Ruth the righteous Moabitess convert, was one of those four. Yishai is a primary link in the chain of Mashiach. There was a great and lofty tree in the world whose trunk and root were 'emet' (truth). Obed, father of Yishai, at first perfected himself with the Tikkumin Elyonim thereby restoring the root of the tree. Yishai then came and strengthened the tree and fixed its branches. David came and found the tree entirely restored. (Zohar 2:103b) Yishai expounded the Torah to multitudes. Famous Torah quotes that came from Yishai that we use to this day are: "The stone that the builders despised has become the cornerstone" as well as "Blessed is he who comes in the name of Hashem". Above all else, keep in mind that Yishai possessed the inner strength and character traits that later would be manifest in the highest possible level of human royalty as chosen by the Almighty Himself. Ruth was a product of the tribe of Moab whose patriarch is Lot, the first cousin of Abraham (Avrohom Avinu), and whose matriarch was LotÕs older daughter who thought everyone in the world was dead and wanted to preserve humanity with the last man left who happened to be her father, Lot. Ruth was the granddaughter of Eglon, King of Moab, BalakÕs grandson. Balak acknowledged G-d and offered 42 sacrifices under duress through Balaam the Prophet. Ruth had such noble character traits that never faltered in the most difficult of circumstances, and through seemingly divine but earthly events she married Boaz and gave birth to Obed who fathered Yishai who fathered David.
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