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"Rabbi Tarfon (the Kohen and his mother was the daughter of a Kohen)"
His Kever is located between Tzfat and Meron slightly West of the road on a steep hill in a beautiful valley.

Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Tarfon had mutual respect for each other. He lived during the second temple period and was a Tanna. Rabbi Tarfon is widely known by his writings in Avos (2:15-16). He taught: the day is short, the work is great, the laborers are lazy, the reward is great, the Master of the house is insistent. He used a unique method of teaching when a student asked to be taught he would ask questions and they would work through the answers.

all photographs are limited editions and signed by Avrahom Dovid

all Photos are 14.5" x 10" (36.3 x 25 cm), unless otherwise stated

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Rabbi Tarfon #1 - The arch is the entrance to the outdoor Kever area.
Rabbi Tarfon #2

Rabbi Tarfon #3

Rabbi Tarfon #1
Rabbi Tarfon #2
Rabbi Tarfon #3

Rabbi Tarfon #4 - A very unusual tree grows from the Eastern part of the Kever.
Rabbi Tarfon #5 - Part of the way up the hill
Rabbi Tarfon #6 - Looking up from the base of the hill.

Rabbi Tarfon #4
Rabbi Tarfon #5
Rabbi Tarfon #6

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