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Shilo, capital of Israel for 369 years. The Torah and the Talmud tells us that the Tabernacle was erected on the first day of Nisan (spring time), 2449 Hebrew year of Creation - almost 3320 years ago. It served as the focal point of Divine worship and of unity for the Children of Israel for approximately 500 years. The Tabernacle (The Mishkon) accompanied the nation in the desert (Bamidbar), during the process of taking possession of the Promised Land (the covenant of Abraham) and served as the spiritual focal point for United Israel until the construction of the First Temple by King Solomon. Upon entering the Land of Israel it stood for 14 years Gilgal, for 369 in Shilo and for 57 in Nob and Gibeon. After the First Temple was completed, the records of the Sages of Israel indicate that the Tabernacle was concealed in subterranean chambers beneath the BetHaMikdash (The Holy Temple) in Jerusalem, in the Old City, on the Temple Mount.

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Monument at the entrance to the small town of Shilo which is located on a hilltop overlooking the valley where the Tabernacle was housed for 369 years. An information sign for tourists at the original location of the Tabernacle

Standing on the edge of Shilo looking due west over the valleys the Tabernacle site is to the right and unseen in this photo

Closeup of the previous photo More detail of the previous photo At the Tabernacle site looking east and upward at the town of Shilo

Looking directly at the site of the Tabernacle facing north Same as previous photo facing slightly northeast Same as previous photo looking due north

Same as previous looking due east Same as previous looking northwest

Looking east at some of the ruins

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