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Yehuda Ben Yakov

Yehuda ben Yakov (Judah son of Jacob-Israel) - The royal line of kingship (King David, King Solomon, etc.) comes from Yehuda. The Mashiach will be from the tribe of Yehuda. Yehuda merits to be the grandfather of the Royal Tribe of Israel. The Royal line comes from him because he was honest with himself, honest with the people in his life and honest with G-D. Yehuda, a man of his word, was willing to be a guarantor and take responsibility for all of his actions on the most personal level and had the character trait of implementation (he would speak, act and achieve, he put his money where his mouth was). Besides the above, he showed strength and cool-headed leadership qualities at the most critical times in the life of the Tribe (family of Israel). He also displayed the highest level of personal concern for the individual.
His Cover- (resting place) is located in the small residential but highly industrialized town of Yehud near Ben Guryon Airport.

The symbol of the Tribe of Yehuda is the Lion.

The gemstone of the Tribe of Yehuda is a blood red Garnet (Nofekh)

The flag banner of the Tribe of Yehuda is a sky blue color

Yehud is about 12 kilometers as the "crow flies" due East of Tel Aviv.
In recent times a very nice small park with a memorial for Israeli Soldiers surrounds Yehuda's resting site.

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Yehuda # 1 - Yehuda's Kever - looking from East to West.

Yehuda # 2 - Yehuda's Kever - looking from East to West.

Yehuda # 3 - View of the Yehuda's Kever - looking from Southeast to Northwest.

Yehuda # 4 - View of the Yehuda's Kever - looking from East to West while standing on top of the memorial for Israeli soldiers.

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