ThirdTemple - Supplier of
Jewish Books and Judaica

We can help you build a state-of-the-art Torah True library. We specialize in Hebrew/English, all-Hebrew, or all-English translations, mini-series and complete sets covering every aspect of Torah including:

  • Tanach (Bible) - many different translations, publishers, and commentaries - single volumes and multi-volume sets
  • Talmud, Mishneh, and Ein Yaakov - different translations, publishers, and commentaries - multi-volume sets
  • Halacha (Jewish Law, instructions for living) - many different translations, publishers, and commentaries - single volumes and multi-volume sets
  • Yom Tovim (Holidays) - single volumes and multi-volume sets
  • Kabbalah (Zohar) - different translations and multi-volume sets
  • Jewish Mysticism - all the primary texts
  • History (ancient history to present day) - many volume encyclopedias, multi-volume sets, and single-volume editions
  • Chassidic Texts - from the Ari HaKodesh to the Baal Shem Tov to the world of many Rebbes and current day spiritual leaders
  • Spirituality - texts on the ways of life and being
  • Meditation - many authors, many approaches
  • Holocaust - selected texts, periodicals, photo essays, and writings
  • Philosophy and Timeless Wisdom - all the important authors and publishers
  • Israel the Land, pictorial essays - great pictorial, selected works
  • Stories and Legends - many publishers spanning all of history
  • Outstanding People - biographies, autobiographies, biographical dictionaries
  • Politics - generally the last 100 years and modern Israel
  • Special Authors - very selective
  • Art - the greats and the unknowns
  • Photography - special editions
  • Architecture - ancient, Middle Ages, and modern with an emphasis on "New Age"
  • Cookbooks - we carry a selected group and lean towards health-conscious lifestyles
  • Crafts - Judaica made by the masters, hobby and crafts for children and adults
  • Out of Print - important knowledge when available
  • and more...

We distribute on a wholesale level all major Torah True publishers as well as certain individual authors and organizations (who may not be distributed through mainstream Judaica channels). Generally, we do not supply individual seforim (books). For single titles, try your local Jewish bookstore. If you have a volume purchase, we would truly like to help you. This entire service is nonprofit and goes towards the construction of, and we hope in the near future, the Beis HaMikdash Schlishi in Jerusalem. G-d speed!

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