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all photographs are limited editions and signed by Avrahom Dovid

all Photos are 14.5" x 10" (36.3 x 25 cm), unless otherwise stated

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The Ancient Wall of Jerico #1 - this is a remnant section of the famous wall that was destroyed when the Shofar was sounded by the Tribes of Israel as they began to enter the land of the covenant.
The Ancient Wall of Jerico #2 - Jerico was the first city that G-d gave onto the Jewish people after their long sojourn in the desert.

The Ancient Wall of Jerico #3 - Today thousands of visitors come to view this biblical archeological site that was the gateway into the land of Israel for the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Wall of Jerico #1
Wall of Jerico #2
Wall of Jerico #3

Dead Sea #1 - (Yam Ha Melach - the Salt Sea) - Looking from the West to the East
Dead Sea #1 - Standing on the Western shoreline looking to the North

Ohel Avraham - the ancient synagogue located in the northern section of the town of Jerico. It still has the original mosaic tile floor. The current structure is located on top of the site to protect it. There is also an educational center here.

Dead Sea #1
Dead Sea #2
Ohel Avraham


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