A G-d fearing people will be a G-d fearing nation, that will lead them to a true love and appreciation of the Almighty.
We believe that the study of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Fathers), which is a small section of the Mishnah, will bring a person, communities, and the world at large to a place of sustainable material prosperity and spiritual greatness. Recomended publishers of Pirkei Avot: Artscroll Series by Mesorah Publishing & Feldheim Publishers.
An example of how America has taken this concept to heart is described greatly in this excellent video: Overview of America
We have found the Freedom Index (published and updated by to be a great resource on national entitites (countries) the world over.
Freedom Index
It seems that the voice of the growing conservative movement is the future hope of freedom, liberty, and justice in the world.
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Specific to the USA; here is a link to the Freedom Index of individual States: Freedom in the 50 States

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The United States of America traditionally represented an idea more than just a place. The founding fathers of the USA were, for the most part, G-D fearing individuals that believed in personal accountability and were willing to work hard to manifest their dreams.

What made America great was a population that really was G-D fearing. They created a system of government that was by the people, and for the people. The fact that the landmass of the United States is truly good is not what made this country what it is. It is the idea of America and a population that truly believed in Higher ideals and the ability to manifest those ideals within a truly just system of government. A stable currency that says "In G-d We Trust" on all denominations basically says it all. For more information see the Seven G-D given Laws of Universal Humanity. We recommend that you read the Declaration of Independence of the United States and George Washington's Thanksgiving Day address given in New York, as well as The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. For more information, please email us and G-D bless America!

Declaration of Independence of the United States

Constitution of the United States

Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

Bill of Rights of the United States