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These links have been meticulously selected from thousands on the internet. We believe they are the most noteworthy. If you have an important site that you think the audience should view, please submit it to us by email.

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NEWS Links - Israel

News with Commentary and Editorial that is True, with Purity of Thought and Mentally Sound

Israel Government and Community Information

Jewish and Israel Search Engines

EMERGENCY Medical Services (and Hospitals) in Israel

Temple (BetHaMikdash), Temple Mount and Adjacent Areas Information

Jewish Educational (Torah True) and Land of Eretz Israel Sites

Jewish Organizations

Aliyah Information - We recommend you search on as well as other major search engines if you need more info

Singles Websites (Dating and Marriage)

There are many Jewish singles sites out there. Most require membership fees and access is limited without your payment. We absolutely feel this should be a free service in order for the greater good of the Jewish community. Please, if you know of other free Jewish singles sites, send us the link. To find the 100+ Jewish single dating sites, simply do a search using or even try

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