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Levi, Ruvain, Dina, (also Seth/Shet - son of Adam) - Har (Mt.) Arbel

Levi was born on the 16th of Nissan and left the world at the age of 137. Levi lived the longest of any of the tribal ancestors (Jacob's sons). Shimon and Levi liberated their sister Dina after her kidnapping by Shechem the prince the son of Hamor and annihilated the city, they were 13 years old when this occurred. Later in the life of the Jewish people during their sojourn in Egypt the tribe of Levi was not enslaved. Levi had an inherent extremely wholesome spiritual inclination and he merited to have Moses and Aaron come from him and therefore the eternal priesthood belongs to the Cohanim, which is part of the tribe of Levi. Before Jacob's leaving the world upon blessing his children, he was certain to separate Shimon and Levi, who had a strong brotherly bond between them, because no ruler or king would ever be able to withstand them (this was for the benefit of the two brothers).
The symbol of the Tribe of Levi is the Tumim and Urim (the high priest's breast plate with the 12 stones of the tribes of Israel set into it).
The gemstone of the Tribe of Levi is a Smaragdt (Bareket)
The flag banner of the Tribe of Levi is white, black and red stripes

The symbol of the Tribe of Ruvain is the Mandrake plant (Mandragore)
The gemstone of the Tribe of Ruvain is a Ruby (Odem)
The flag banner of the Tribe of Ruvain is a red color and on the flag it had a symbol of a Mandrake

- Daughter of Jacob

- Son of Adam (the third son)

Har (Mt.) Arbel is the burial site of Levi the son Yacov (Israel) and Dina the daughter of Yacov. Also it is the burial site of Seth (Shet) the son of Adam. Reuven the son of Yakov is assumed to be buried here as well. The actual burial sites on the mountain are unknown. There are thousands of caves and ancient sites all over the mountain. Har Arbel is located slightly Northwest of Tverya (Tiberias).

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Har (Mt.) Arbel # 1 - Northern Exposure

Har (Mt.) Arbel # 2 - Tree on the Peak

Har (Mt.) Arbel # 3 - Sunset on the Peak

Har (Mt.) Arbel # 4 - View of the Keneret from the Peak looking Northeast

Har (Mt.) Arbel # 5 - View of the Keneret from the Peak looking Southeast

Har (Mt.) Arbel # 6- The peak of another mountain across the Valley looking Northeast


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