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Benyamin ben Yakov

Benyamin was the youngest son of Jacob, he was the only son that was born in the land of Israel. All of his brothers, the tribal founders, were born on foreign soil. He was born on the 11th of Cheshvan and left the world at the age of 105. Benyamin resembled his mother Rachel (from the Zohar). Benyamin had 10 sons and he named them all for his missing beloved brother, Joseph. It is said that Benyamin led a sinless life. In Benyamin's portion of the land of Israel, the holy temple was built. When his righteous brother Joseph was sold to Egypt, Benyamin took his spiritual place to fill the vacuum (from the Zohar). In the book of Psalms, it is said that no negative speech was ever on his tongue.

Benyamin Ben Yakov (Benjamin son of Jacob-Israel),
(his Kever- resting place) is located to the Northeast of the town of Kfar Saba.
It is a beautiful and extremely well maintained site with a wall around the entire property.
The border of the Islamic town of Qalqilya is located about 1.5 kilometers to the Northeast.

The symbol of the Tribe of Benyamin is the ravening Wolf

The gemstone of the Tribe of Benyamin is a Jasper (Yashpe) - a multicolored stone

The flag banner of the Tribe of Benyamin is the symbol of the raving wolf


all photographs are limited editions and signed by Avrahom Dovid.

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Benyamin # 1 - Western Exposure

Benyamin # 2 - Western Exposure

Benyamin # 3 -The Entrance


Benyamin # 4 - Kever and the Memorial Flame structure.

Benyamin # 5 -Looking North, almost sunset.

Benyamin # 6 - Looking North after sunset

Benyamin # 7 - The Velvet Veil covering the Kever inside the structure.

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