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Dan ben Yakov

Dan was born on the 9th Elul and left the world at the age of 125. Dan was the son of Rachel's handmaid. He was considered to be so righteous that Rachel was granted conception because of him (Bereishis Rabbah). Dan's sons were extremely energetic and astute individuals. They refined themselves to the highest degree and became judges over Israel. Shimshon the Danite (Samson) was from the tribe of Dan.

Dan Ben Yakov (Dan son of Jacob-Israel),
(his Kever- resting place) is located due West of Jerusalem about 24 kilometers as the "crow flies".
It is an extremely well maintained site with a synagogue and study hall.
The the town of Beit Shemesh is located about 12 kilometers to the Southeast.
This location is surrounded by a beautiful forest. Located near by is Shimshon Ha Gebor's
(Samson the Judge- the strong man) Kever. From Dan's location Shimson's Kever it is about a one hour hike into the forest.

The symbol of the Tribe of Dan is the Scales of Justice and a serpent

The gemstone of the Tribe of Dan is a Zircon (Leshem)

The flag banner of the Tribe of Dan is a sapphire like blue with the serpent and scale embroidered on it


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Dan # 1 - The Women's side.
Dan # 2 - The men's side.

Dan # 3 - Close up.
Dan # 4 - There is always a live flame here.

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