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Shimon ben Yakov

Shimon Ben Yakov (Simon son of Jacob-Israel),
(his Kever- resting place) is located to the Northeast of the town of Kfar Saba.
The border of the Islamic town of Qalqilya is located about 1 kilometer to the East.
Shimon's site could use a bit of renovation. It is a large ancient structure in the middle of beautiful open fields.
It is a very fertile area. Shimon is located about 2.5 kilometers North of Benyamin’'s Kever.
This was a difficult location to find.

The symbol of the Tribe of Shimon is the city of Shechem.

The gemstone of the Tribe of Shimon is a Topaz (Pitda)

The flag banner of the Tribe of Shimon is a green color

 all photographs are limited editions and signed by Avrahom Dovid.

all Photos are approximately 14.5" x 10" (36.3 x 25cm), unless otherwise stated.
original high quality photo-film images that are for sale vary slightly in content from the digital images presented herein.

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Shimon # 1 - Looking at Northwestern Exposure

Shimon # 2 - Looking at the entrance - Northern Exposure

Shimon # 3 - The Entrance to Shimon's Kever

Shimon # 4 -Inside the domed Kever structure

Shimon # 5 - Inside Praying

Shimon # 6- The Kever

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