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Asher and Naftali sons of Yakov

Asher -
Asher merited to have the most beautiful daughters and they wedded the priests and the kings of Israel. The Tribe of Asher had the blessing to have prosperity at home in their local environment and they had no real need to travel. Serah was a famous daughter of Asher in the time of Jacob/Israel and she told him in a quiet musical way when he was old that Joseph was alive and well in Egypt. She merited to still be alive at the time of the redemption of the nation of Israel from Egypt. Upon entering the land of Israel, Asher inherited tall palaces that were considered to be even better than the lands which Yehuda inherited. It is said that Asher never spent a night in an inn his entire life (Midrash Rabbah).

The symbol of Asher was the Olive Tree.

The gemstone of the Tribe of Asher is Agua-marine (Tahrshish)

The flag banner of the Tribe of Asher is a greenish blue color with an olive tree embroidered on it

Naftali -
Naftali honored his father to the highest degree, he spoke well and was always ready to serve his father with the utmost speed. Naftali was known as a messenger of good news, he brought the news that Joseph was still alive in Egypt as well as speedily bringing the deed of land title for the Cave of Machpelah to show proof that Esau had no share in it. The land where Asher and Naftali are both buried is part of the property inheritance of the Tribe of Naftali.

The symbol of Naftali was a Deer.

The gemstone of the Tribe of Naftali is an Amethyst (Akhlama)

The flag banner of the Tribe of Naftali is a light red color

Asher ben Yakov (Asher son of Jacob-Israel) and Naftali Ben Yakov (Naftali son of Jacob-Israel) Kevers are located in the same place about 10 kilometers slightly Southeast of Qiryat Shemona and about 2.5 kilometers East from the current Lebanese border. This is a totally unmaintained site (the area is being used as a cow pasture and the road maintenance department has left some of there scrap behind). It is the general area shown in photo #1. The tomb stones have been moved or shifted over the millennium. The natural spring and other landmarks identify this location as well as the fact that Devora The Prophetess and her husband Barak are buried only about 150 meters Northeast of this burial area beside the ruin of an ancient synagogue. This geographic region itself is clean, pristine and beautiful.

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Asher and Naftali # 1 - Northern Exposure, the general area of the Kevers. The water from the natural spring.

Asher and Naftali # 2 - Ancient tomb stones

Asher and Naftali # 3 - Natural spring

Asher and Naftali # 4 - Ancient aqueduct next to the believed locations of the Kevers.

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