Almanac of Important Jewish and Biblical Dates

Month Hebrew Name Astrological Sign
Tishrei Moznayim Libra
Cheshvan Akrav Scorpio
Kislev Keshet Sagittarius
Teves G'di Capricorn
Shevat D'li Aquarius
Adar (on leap years there is a double month of Adar) Dagim Pisces
Nissan Taleh Aries
Iyar Shor Taurus
Sivan Teomim Gemini
Tammuz Sartan Cancer
Av Aryeh Leo
Elul Betulah Virgo


(Hebrew name: G'di, Astrological sign: Capricorn)


Chanukah Seventh Day - Rosh Chodesh; In 1024 Avraham Avinu, Alav HaShalom, son of Terach, was niftar (passed away). He was the father of the Jewish People and the enlightened teacher of Godliness and divine moral law in the world. It is traditional knowledge that, "the day they [the patriarchs] died is the day they were born."

By divine decree, the Almighty granted the eternal title to the Land of Canaan (the Land of Israel) to Avraham Avinu's descendants through Yitzak and Yaakov. Avraham and Sarah are buried in the Cave of Machpelah in Hevron, which he also purchased with money for burial.

Plague of Boils

"And Esther was taken to the king Ahasuerus to the royal palace in the tenth month which is the month of Teves." (Esther, 2:16)

There is a tradition in the Land of Israel if the first of Tevet is cloudy, know that the whole month will have dew. As is the second day of Tevet, so will be the whole month of Shevat. And similarly all the the first twelve days of Tevet will be a sign for whether the twelve months of the year will be sunny, with dew, or cloudy; but everything is in the hands of heaven. (Tikkun Yissascar).

In a year where the first of Tevet falls on a Friday, it will be a very cold winter, the honey will be minimal, but the seeds good and plenty. (an old tradition).

The Hilulla of Rabbi Yosef HaMa'aravi (5300). According to one opinion, he was of the greatest students of the Ari HaKodesh. (Southern Tunisia) Today thousands come to pray on his kever.

Death of Harav HaKadosh Rebbi Avraham Moshe (son of Harav Hakadosh Rebbi Simcha Bunim) of Pishischa, the memory of the tzaddik is a blessing (4189)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Hamaaravi

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Masoud Refael Alfasi of Tunisia


Chanukah Eighth Day

Sephardic Talmud Torah students with their teachers go to honored people and are given every type of food being served, (or monetary gifts outside of Israel), and partake in a large feast on the last day of Hanukah at the Talmud Torah, which is called "Hanukat HaMizbayach."

The importance of the days of Hanukah are like the days of Rosh Hashanah. According to the knowledge of the Kabbalists, today are delivered the notes of the judgements that were sealed on Yom Kippur. At the tables of Rebbis are sung melodies from the Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe). In Dzikov they sang "Nishmat Kol Chai". In Hitorrut Tshuva, of the Erloi Rebbe, HY"D (his blood should be avenged for being murdered in the Holocaust), they read all the letters of blessings sent to him for Rosh Hashanah.

It is good to depart from the days of Chanukah by saying, "Hadarn Alecha Chanukah..." (See you next Chanukah). The Skverer Hasidim have the custom to give out kasha latkes (a heavy brown grain from northern Asia made into pancakes and deep fried in oil).

Today is the time for remembering the barren women, as is Rosh Hashanah. (Bnei Yissascar.)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yehoshua Asher) of Porisov passed away. Zt"l. (5649)


Hanani came from Jerusalem to report to Nechemia in Shushan (Nechemia11); the idolatrous emblems were removed from the Temple; Zecharya prophesized

There are those who save the oil that remained in the menorah to use for healing "shoshana," ( a serious ailment where the leg becomes inflammed) as it says: "u'menotar kankanim-naaseh nas l'shoshanim." The Skvair Chasidim do not marry during the month of Tevet since there are no holidays in it.

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Avraham of Stretin, son of the HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi, passed away. Zt"l. (5625)

HaGaon Morano v'Rabbenu Rabbi Chaim Shmuelevitz, Rosh Yeshiva Mir, Jerusalem, passed away. (Buried on Har HaMenuchot). Zt"l. (5739)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Yaakov HaCohen (Gadisha), Av Beit Din of Yerba, author of "Ma'il Yaakov," and more, passed away. Zt"l. (5670)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Aharon Kotler, Rosh Yeshiva of Lakewood, N.J.


HaRav HaKadosh Gershon Henich Leiner, the Admor of Radzin, (the Radziner Rebbe) passed away. Zt"l (5651)

Harav HaMekubal Rabbi Haim Shaul Dueck HaCohen, author of "Aifo Shlomo," and more passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har Hazeitim). (5693)

HaRav HaTzadik Rabbi Shalom (son of HaRav HaTzadik Rabbi Shmuel) Rokach, Av Beit Din Sakahal, passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Tiberias). (5722)


Rabbi Binyamin Zeev Kahana (son of Rabbi Meir Kahana) and his wife, Talya Kahana, HY"D, of Tapuach were murdered while driving home early on a Sunday morning in an ambush near Ofrah, al kiddush Hashem, by Islamic Arabs yimach sh'mam. They are buried on Har Hamenuchot. (5761)

Rabbi Shlomo Molcho was burned to death, al kiddush Hashem. HY"D. (5695)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Avraham Yaakov of Saadigoria-Tel Aviv, (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yisrael) passed away. Zt"l (5721)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shmu'el Eli'ezer Halevi Edels, the Ma'harsha

Yahrzeit HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Aharon Matitiyov (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yisrael Zt"l of Sadigoriya) passed away . (Buried in Tel Aviv).


Yahrzeit HaGaon Moreinu v"Rabeinu Rabbi Yaakov (son of Rabbi Yosef) Reisher, author of "Chok Yaakov" and "Shvut Yaakov," passed away. Zt"l. (5493)

Yahrzeit HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Mattiyahu (son of HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Shmuel) Shterson of Vilna passed away. Zt"l. (5646)

Yahrzeit HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Haim Shlomo (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yehosef) of Kuson passed away. Zt"l. (Buried there). (5680)

Yahrzeit HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Alter Yisrael Shimon (son of Rabbi Yaakov) Parlov pf Novominsk, author of "Tiferet Ish," passed away. Zt"l. (5693)

Yahrzeit Harav HaKadosh Rabbi Yehezkal Shraga of Shinva, author of "Divre Yehezkal," son of the Harav HaKadosh Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz, author of "Divrei Chaim." Zt"l. (5659)


Yehoyakim burned the scroll with Yirmiyohu's prophesy (Yirmiyohu 36:19-33); King Herod died

Harav HaKadosh Rabbi Tzvi, son of Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, passed away. May his merit protect us. (5540)

Harav HaKadosh Rabbi Mordechai Yosef (son of HaGaon Moranu v'Rabbeinu Yaakov) of Ishbitzer, passed away. Zt"l. (5614)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Kamenka

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Baruch of Kamenka

8 Today is "a fast of the righteous" for "the Torah was written in Greek in the days of Ptolemy the king, and there was darkness in the world for three days." The Shlah HaKodesh wrote: "That they prayed and fasted as in the days of Haman.." . It is a "thing in it's proper time" to bring a SeferTorah into the synagogue, in order to know that this is the traditional Torah from Sinai, according to the strength, in it's letters and it's words. (In 5754 after great efforts, a Sefer Torah was placed in the yeshiva at Kever Yosef HaTzadik's tomb, in Shechem. On that day HaRav Rebbi Meir Zeev Mendelovitz and Eliyahu Levin , involved with making "Eitzi Hayim" for Sifrei Torah" were murdered by Islamic Arabs, may G-d avenge their blood)

Yahrzeit of Azra the Scribe and of Nechemya HaNavi ben Chaklia

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Ezra

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Dov Ber, one of the Admorim of Lubavitch

Rabbeinu Yehosef, son of Shmuel HaNagid of Grenada , may his memory be for eternal life in the World to Come, (son-in-law of Rabbeinu Nissim Gaon Makiroan, who was second to the King of Spain) was killed, along with approximately 1500 Jews, by rampaging Arabs. He was known for dispersing charity, his large yeshiva and his great support for the poor and those learning in Eretz Yisrael. Hashem Yinkom Damo. According to the secrets of the Kaballah, chazal intended long ago to fast on this day because of this tragedy). (4827)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabbeinu Yehoshua Basis of Tunisia, passed away. Zt"l. (5620)

Defamation Ceremony of Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935), French Captain, was falsely accused by antisemites in France for having allegedly sold classified documents to Germany. In 1894 he was condemned to a life in prison and sent to Devil's Island off the coast of French Guiana. Captain Dreyfus was pronounced completely innocent in 1906. The "Dreyfus Affair" divided all of France. The Catholic clergy, the military, and the right wing refused to recognize a miscarriage of justice which they used to further antisemitism. The Dreyfus Affair contributed to the separation of church and state in France which had an influence on Theodor Herztel and the development of modern Zionism. Dreyfus was reinstated and then retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Fast from before sunrise until after sunset

King Nebuchadnetzar of Babylon opens the siege on Jerusalem (Kings II 25; Chronicles II 36; Jeremiah 39 and 52). Ezekiel is in Babylon at this time, and prophecies (Ezekiel 24:1,2): "Son of Man, write for yourself the name of this day- this very day". For on the tenth of Tevet Yisrael derserved to be exiled, but because of the cold, G-d waited and exiled them in the summer.

The "Fast of the tenth month," (counting from Nissan), Zechariah 8:9, is on the tenth of Tevet (3338), when Nebuchadnetzar, king of Babylon positioned his soldiers over Yerushalayim, barricading it, and built surrounding fortresses in order to starve those captive within, and to conquer the city. "In a vision at night while sleeping, on the night of the 10th of Tevet, 5524, I dreamt there is a hint to the four fast days, and the fast of the 20th of Sivan, (also a day of sorrow for the Jewish People), when G-d said to Avrahom: "Yadua Taydah Ki Gar Yiheye Zarecha... (Bereishit 15:13). The first letters of the words- Y(Yud=10) is the 10th of Tevet; T(Tet=nine) is the Ninth of Av; K (Kuf=20) is the 20th of Sivan; G (Gimmel=3) is the third of Tishrei; Y(=10) and Z (zayin=7) is the 17th of Tamuz. The pasuk continues, "...v'avdum v'enu otam Arbah Maot Shana" ("And they were enslaved and embittered for four hundred years").The first letters- A;M; and S = Ahar Sheyibaneh haMikdash, (After the Beit HaMikdash will be built) soon in our days. Then, "they will go out with great wealth":"Yatzu B'rachus Gadol" = Yasisu B'simcha Gedolah (they will rejoice in great happiness). Amen". ("Ohr P'nei Moshe').

Benaiah son of Jehoiada was a valiant man of many acheivements, from Kabzeel; he struck down the two commanders of Moab, and he also went down and slew a lion in the middle of a well on a snowy day." (Shmuel II 23:20). His strength, in the physical realm as meant in the pasuk, as well as in the spiritual realm, as detailed in Masechet Brachot; took place today. (According to Targum RavYosef regarding Chronicles I 11:23).

Yahrzeit of Zechariah HaNavi

Yahrzeit of Malachi HaNavi

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Yehuda Leib (son of HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Ovadyah) Eiyalenburg, author of "Minchat Yehuda," on Rashi's commentary of the Torah, passed away. Zt"l. (5371)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Nathan (son of Rabbi Naftali Hertz) Sternhertz of Breslau, author of "Likeutei Halachot" passed away. Zt"l. (5605)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Meir Haim (son of Rabbi Yaakov) Ungar, Av Beit Din Lakenbach, passed away. Zt"l (5718)

HaRav Hakadosh Rabbi Avraham Abba (son of HaRav HaKadosh Yosef) Leifer, the Admor of Petersburg-Ashdod, passed away. Zt"l. He is buried on Har HaMenuchot. (5750)


Purim Meziboz (the Baal Shem Tov Zt"l lived in Meziboz): In the year 5408, the Jews of Meziboz were saved from progroms by the Melenisacki Kossacks, yimach sh'mam, thanks to a Jew named Mordechai, and his wife, Esther. Since then it was established as "Purim Meziboz." HaRav HaKadosh of Apts, Zt"l (and similarily the Skverer Hasidim) don't say Tachanun ("Maagal HaShana").

Yahrzeit HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Shlomo (son of HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Akiva) Eiger, author of "Gilayon M'HaRashah," passed away. Zt"l. (5612)

Yahrzeit HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Shlomo Zalman (son of HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Shalom) Ulman, author of "Yiriyot Shlomo," Av Beit Din of Akavua (buried there) passed away. Zt"l. (5623)

Yahrzeit HaGaon HaKadosh Rabbi Yehosua (son of HaGaon HaKadosh Rabbi Meir) of Medzikov, author of "Ateret Yehosua," passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Medzikov). (5673)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Moshe (son of Rabbi Eliezar) Bergman, Rosh Yeshiva Rashbi, Bnei Brak passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim) (5738)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Shlomo (son of HaRav Hakadosh Rabbi Haim Dov) Halperin of Vusaloi-Tel Aviv passed away. Zt"l (Buried in Nahalat Yitzchak). (5745)

Kiddush Levanah, the sanctification of the moon, should be made early during this season because of increased cloudiness (know your geographic area's seasonal weather patterns in order to be careful not miss out on this great mitzvah).


"In the tenth year, in the tenth month, on the twelfth of the month, the word of Hashem came to me saying, "Son of Man, direct your face towards Pharoah, king of Egypt... who has said, "Mine is my river, and I have made myself (powerful)"...Then all the inhabitants of Egypt will know that I am Hashem...It will be the lowest of the Kingdoms..." (Ezekiel 29; Haftara "Va'eira"). (3339)

HaGaon Moreinu V'Rabeinu Rabbi Moshe (son of Rabbi Shimon) Margaliyot, author of "P'nei Moshe" (on the Yerushalmi) passed away. Zt"l. (5541)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Moshe (son of Rabbi Yitzchak) HaLevy the Second from Pishivoorsk, author of "Ohr P'nei Moshe) passed away today according to most opinions. Zt"l (5566)

HaGaon HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Mordechai Haim (son of HaGaon Harav HaKadosh Rabbi Yehuda L. - probably Leib) Kastalnitz (Rabbi Mottel Slonimer; Rabbi Mottel Dayan) passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaMenuchot). (5714)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Natan Shapira


Yahrzeit of the Amora Ravina; Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shlomo Luria, the Maharshal, author of Yam Shel Shlomo.

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Moshe (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi David) of Lelov passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim). (5611)

HaRav HaKadosh Shraga Feibush of Zelishtishick (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Baruch of Vishnitz) passed away. Zt"l. (5697)

HaGaon HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Menachem M. of Vichyvov, author of "Shearit Menachem" passed away. Zt"l (Son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yisrael of Vishnitz, zt"l). (Buried in Zichron Meir). (5701)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Yechiel Mordechai Gordon, Rosh Yeshivat Lumza in Petach Tikva, author of "Netevei Yam" passed away. Zt"l (5725)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Shlom Sobol, author of "Shlomo Haim" and "Shlomo Yosef" passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Jerusalem). (5730)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yitzchak (son of Asher Enshel) HaCohen Huberman "The Tzadik of Raanana" author of "Baracha M'shuleshet" passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaMenuchot). (5737)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Shmuelks

14 HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Raphael Meir (son of Rabbi Yehuda) Panizil, author of "Lev Merapeh," passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on HarHaZeitim). (5653)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Mordechai Tverski of Laiivoi passed away. Buried in Laivoi. Zt"l (5666)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Tzvi (son of Rabbi Hezkiyahu Avraham) Broyda, Av Beit Din of Petach Tikva passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim). (5760)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Alter Elazar Menachem (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Moshe Mordechai) Biderman of Lelov. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim). (5761)


Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi.

HaRav Hakadosh HaRav Haim Mordechai (son of HaRav HaKadosh HaRav Itamar) Rosenbaum of Nadvorna-Bnei Brak passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim). (5738)

HaGain Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Ben-Zion Moshe Meir (son of Rabbi David) Mendelbum, author of "Ohr Moshe" on Shas. Zt"l. (5747)

16 "Baghdad Purim". The Turkish Sultan Morad the 4th, conquered (with the help of the Jews) the city for the second time from the Persians. In Bagdad Tachanun is not said. (5399)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Yuzel Horowitz, the Saba of Novardok.

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Yaakov (son of Rabbi Zeev) Krantz, "The Maggid of Dubnov" passed away. Zt"l. (5565)

HaGaon HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Aryeh Leibush (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Haim) Lifshitz of Vishnitza, author of "Aryeh D'vei- Iylai" passed away. Zt"l. (5582)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Pinchas (son of Rabbi Yishayahu) Epstein, Rosh Av Beit Din Yerushalayim. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim). (5730)

Birthday of HaRabanit HaKedosha Rabbi SHIRA YONINA SARACIK!!!!. Ad 120.

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe of Kitov


Yahrzeit of Rabbi Avrohom the son of the Rambam, author of the sefer Hamaspik Le'ovdel Hashem.

Killed Al Kiddush Hashem the Amora Rabbi Huna son of Mar Zutrah, Resh Galuta. HY"D. (4231)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Mashrashaya ben Pakod.

HaGaon HaKadosh Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech (son of Pesach) Shapira of Dinov author of "B'nei Yissaschar," Igra D'kalla," and more, passed away. Zt"l. (5601)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Haim Shmuel (son of Eliezar) HaLevy Horovitz of Hanchin passed away. Zt"l. Each year he finished Shas and the four parts of Shulhan Aruch. (5676)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Kalphon Moshe (son of Shalom) HaCohen of Gerba author of "Shoal v'Nishal" and "Brit Kehuna" passed away on the night of Shabat Kodesh. Zt"l. (5710)

Birthdays of HaRav Hakadosh Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach and Rabbi Elihayim Carlebach. Zechutam Yagen Aleinu. (5686)


Yahrzeit of Rabbi Dov Ber Maggid, the Preacher of Mezeritch.

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Aryeh Leib (son of Rabbi Yosef) HaCohen Heller, author of "Katzot HaHoshen," "Avnei Miyluim," and "Shav Shematata," passed away. Zt"l. (5573)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yaakov (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Naphtali of Rupshitz) Av Beit Din Kolbsov and Malitz passed away. Zt"l. (5597)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamim (son of HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Moshe) Sofer, author of "K'tav Sofer" passed away. Zt"l (Buried in Pressberg), (5632)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Moshe (son of Rabbi Shmuel) Sokolovsky, Rosh Mesivta in Brisk in Lita, author of "Imrei Moshe" passed awy. Zt"l. (5691)



The Jews of Judah, Benjamin, and Jerusalem came to see Ezra (Ezra 10:9);

Yahrzeit of the Rambam, "HaNesher HaGadol" Rabeinu Moshe ben Maimon Zichrono L'bracha L'Chaya Olam Haba author of the "Mishneh Torah" (a monumental work), "HaYad HaHazaka," and "Moreh Nevuchim (Guide for the Perplexed) and more. He is considered to be the greatest Rabbi, Halakhist, medical doctor, and philosopher of his generation. His scholarly Torah works are studied extensively by thousands today. It is said "from Moshe to Moshe there was no other". (1135-1204) (Buried in Tiberias). (4565)

"HaTanna HaKadosh" Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzera passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Damenhor). HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Aharon Tzvi (son of Rabbi Yisrael Hanina) Traklitoib of Brid passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Munkatsh). (5640)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Simcha Yissachar Dov B. of Chiashenov (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yehezkal Shraga Halberstam of Shinova) passed away. Zt"l. (5674)5741: HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Raphael Eliyahu Eliezar Mishkovsky, Rosh Yeshivat Kfar Hasidim passed away. Zt"l.

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yitzchok Hutner, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin


Shimon (son of Yaakov Avinu and Leah Emeinu, aleihem hashalom) was born and passed away on this same day at age 120. (Some say the date is the 28th of the month). (2194/5)

Har Grizim Day, on which the Shomronim planned to destroy the Holy Temple

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yisrael Dov (son of Rabbi Yosef) HaMaggid of Veildanick, author of "She'arit Yisrael" passed away. Zt"l. (5610)

Killed Al Kiddush Hashem HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Matzliach Mazuz of Gerba, author of "Ish Matzliach" passed away. Zt"l, HY"D. (Buried on Har Hazaytim). (5731)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Zvi Pesach Frank, Chief Rabbi, Jerusalem, author of Har Zvi


"Purim of Sheet of Scrolls" in Prague, when a miracle occured in the curtains of the castle of the Prince Lichtenstein, and the shamash of the synagogue was freed. (5383)

HaGaon Moreinu v"Rabeinu Rabbi Reuven Haim Klein (son of Rabbi Binyamin Eliezar Ungar-Aurbach), author of "Shanot Hayim" on "Toldot Adam v' Hava," Av Beit Din Galil Davidkoff, passedaway. Zt"l. (5633)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Shmuel (son of Rabbi Yisrael) Heller, the Rav of Tzfat, passed away. Zt"l. (5644)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Avraham Eiger author of "Shevet M'Yehuda" son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Aryeh L. author of "Torat Emet" of Lublin passed away. Zt"l. (5674)

HaGaon HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Shalom (son of Mordechai Yosef Moshe) of Shatz-London passed away. Zt"l. In his will he promised that those in need of salvation and healing for themselves or another, "Should go to my kever (best if possible to go in the morning of Erev Shabat Kodesh!!!) and light a candle for the soul, and then light 2 candles and say the request and the names, etc., on condition that they promise to be loyal to me (and not deviate from me) and benefit his ways to heaven in one thing," etc. (5718)

5721: Sinking of 43 Maapilim on the "Egoz" ship of the underground from Morocco. Zt"l/HY"D. Maapilim are those who escaping the Nazis, without permission to make aliya due to British quotas limiting immigration, tried illegally . In 5753 the victims of the Egoz ship that were secretly helping Jews escape from Morocco to make aliya to Israel were brought to Israel for burial.


Tribe of Shimon defeated the Shomronim

"Purim Sharif" in Tripoli, or "False Purim" to distinguish it from the regular Purim, on which Avraham A-Sfarif fled his fortress on Tripoli in humiliation. (5465)


Prophesy of Hagai; the Temple was dedicated.

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yaakof Etlinger, author of the Oruch Laner.

HaGaon HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Naftali (son of HaGaon Rabbi Yitzchak) Katz, author of "Smichat Hachamim," HaGaon Av Beit Din of Pozen and Frankfurt passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Constantinople, on his way to Eretz Yisrael). (5479)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yosef (son of HaRav HaKadosh HaMaggid of Zlotzhov) of Yaampalah passed away. (5572)

Yahrzheit of the Baal HaTanya, the first Lubavitch Rebbe. HaGaon HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Shneur Zalman (son of Rabbi Baruch ) "HaAdmor HaZakain" of Ladi, author of the "Tanya," and Shulchan Aruch Harav. Zt"l. (Buried in Hayditz). (5573)

An earthquake in the Galiliee killed several thousand people in Israel. The disaster especially struck Tzfat and Tiberias. In Jerusalem synagogues it was customary to light many olive oil lamps today in memory of the souls that were lost. (5597)

HaGaon Moreinu vRabeinu Rabbi Meir (son of HaRav Rabbi Yehuda Leib) Maharam Aish, passed away. Zt"l. (5612)

HaGaon HaKadosh Rabbi Shmuel (son of HaGaon HaKadosh Rabbi Avraham) Borenstein, author of "Shem M'Shmuel" of Sokotzov passed away. Zt"l. (5686)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin (son of HaGaon Moreinu v Rabeinu Moshe) Sofer author of the responsa "Divrei Sofer) passed away. Zt"l. (5708)

HaGaon HaTzadik Eliyahu Eliezar (son of Rabbi Reuven Dov) Dessler of Ponovitz, author of "Mictav M'Eliyahu" passed away. Zt"l (5714)

The Tzadaket, Marat Miriam (daughter of Mamah) Mizrachi, "the laundress of Jerusalem" passed away. May she rest in peace. (Buried on Har HaMenuchot). (5726)

HaRav HaTzadik Rabbi Haim (son of HaRav HaTzadik Rabbi Moshe) Mashatz passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Bnei Brak). (5737)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Moshe Mordechai (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Shimon Natan Neta) Biderman of Lelov, Jerusalem-Bnei Brak passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har Hazaytim). (5747)


Established as a public fast day in Frankfurt, "Because the Jewish streets and synagogues were burnt down, as well as all the untold wealth, family jewels, precious stones, pearls, silver and gold that our fore-fathers had amassed throughout the generations." (Divrei Kohelet). (5478)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Moshe Tzvi (son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi shimon Shlomo) of Severan passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in Checelnik). (5598)

HaGaon Moreinu Rabbi Shlomo Mazuz, author of the responsa "She'ol Mashiv," "Keren Shlomo," and "Hashek Shlomo" (on Shas) passed away. Zt"l. (5742)

26 HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Avraham Haim (son of HaGaon Rabbi Gedalya Moshe) author of "Oraich L'Chayim) of Zlotzov passed away. Zt"l. (5576)

End of the 40 days of rain during the Flood

HaGaon Morienu Rabbi Shimon (son of Rabbi Raphael) Hirsch of Frankfurt passed away. Zt"l. (5649)

HaGaon HaTzadik Rabbi Menasheh Yitzchak Meir of Zidetchov- Petach Tikvah (son of HaGaon HaTzadik Rabbi Asher Yeshaya of Pruchnik) passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaMenuchot). (5731)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Pinchas Hirshsprung- Av Beit Din of Montreal passed away. Zt"l. (5758)


HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Natan (son of HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Mordechai) Adler (the second), author of "Netina L'Gar" of London passed away. Zt"l. (5650)

HaGaon Moreinu v'Rabeinu Rabbi Moshe Yehosua Yehuda Leib (son of HaGaon Moreinu V'Rabeinu Binyamin) Diskin of Brisk- Jerusalem passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim). (5658)

HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yerachmial Yisrael Yitzchak ( son of HaRav HaKadosh Rabbi Yehial) of Alexander, author of "Yismach Yisrael" passed away. Zt"l. (5670)

HaGaon HaTzadik Rabbi Meir (son of Rabbi Ben Zion) HaLevy Hadash, spiritual leader of the Hebron Yeshiva, Ateret Yisrael, and Ohr Elhanan passed away. Zt"l. (Buried on Har HaZaytim). (5749)

HaGaon HaTzadik Rabbi Asher Enschel (son of HaGaon HaTzadik Rabbi Shmuel David) Kravitz of Ratzpert passed away. Zt"l. (Buried in New Jersey). (5757)

"And you shall guards your souls exceedingly. For the healthy and those who are recovering: Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing/sneezing. Wash the hands when in physical contact with the surroundings. Carefully wash the dishes of the ill, in hot water and with detergent, and use seperate towels. Those who are healthy are advised to avoid as much as possible close contact with those who have a cold or are sick. Don't walk barefoot on a cold floor."