Almanac of Important Jewish and Biblical Dates

Month Hebrew Name Astrological Sign
Tishrei Moznayim Libra
Cheshvan Akrav Scorpio
Kislev Keshet Sagittarius
Teves G'di Capricorn
Shevat D'li Aquarius
Adar (on leap years there is a double month of Adar) Dagim Pisces
Nissan Taleh Aries
Iyar Shor Taurus
Sivan Teomim Gemini
Tammuz Sartan Cancer
Av Aryeh Leo
Elul Betulah Virgo


(Hebrew name: Sartan, Astrological sign: Cancer)


The tops of the mountains appeared as the Flood water receded; Joseph born and died; Abraham circumcized himself

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe, father of Rabbi Yisroel Najara, author of the Lekach Tov (5341/1580)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Kalman Klonimos Epstein the Levi, author of the Ma’or Vashemesh (5587/1827)


Yahrzeit of Rabbi Nachman of Haradanka

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Avraham of Trisk


Miracle of the stopped sun in Giveon (Yehoshu’a 10:12)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shnei’or Kotler, Dean of the Yeshiva of Lakewood, New Jersey (5742/1982)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneirson, the Admor of Chabad


Yahrzeit of Rabbi Ya’akov ben Meir of the Ba’alei Tosefos (Rabbeinu Tam) (4931/1171)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Pinchos Horowitz the Levi of Nikelsburg, author of the sefer Haflo’oh (5565/1805)

5 Ezekiel’s vision by the river Chebar of the Heavenly Creatures (Yechez’kel 1:1)
7 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Simchah Bunem Alter, the Admor of Gur (5752/1992)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Cha’yim Mashash, author of the Nishmas Cha’yim

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Eliyahu Mani

9 The breach of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar (Melochim II 25:3-4); Yahrzeit of Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin, author of the Ozna’yim Latorah (5726/1966); Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Hevroni, Dean of the Hebron Yeshiva and author of the Mas’eis Moshe
10 Noah opened the window of the Ark; Yahrzeit of Rabbi Dovid Lifshitz, President of Ezras Torah Organization, New York, and Dean, Yeshivas Rabbeinu YitzchokElchonon (5753/1993)
11 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Zeditchov

Ezekiel instructed to lie on his side to receive the iniquity of Israel (Yechez’kel 4:4)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Ya’akov ben Asher (Ba'al HaTurim), author of the Tur Shulchan Oruch (5108/1348)

13 Yahrzeit of martyr Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, author of Kovetz Shiurim (5701/1941)
14 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef of Terani ben Rabbi Moshe Metrani, (the Maharim”t) (5399/1639)
15 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Chaim ben Atar, author of the Ohr HaChayim commentary on the Torah

Golden calf made in the desert (Shemos 32)

Chur, the son of Caleb and Miriam, the prophetess, died


Fast of 17 Tammuz (begins the Three Weeks of Mourning which end after the fast of the 9th of Av - this is one of the fasts ordained by the Prophets of Israel in memory of the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) - if the fast falls on Shabbat, it is observed on Sunday).

Noah sent out the dove; the Tablets of the Law were broken; the daily offering was suspended in the First Temple; the enemy made a breach in the wall around Yerushalayim which enabled Titus and his forces to enter the city; Apostamos burned a Torah scroll; an idol was set up on the Temple Mount.

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yehudah (HaRashash) ben Rabbi Asher


The golden calf was destroyed; Moses ascended Mt. Sinai to atone for the sin of the golden calf (Shemos 33:31)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Mas’od Refo’el ben Mucha, author of the Pardes Rimonim

19 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Dovid Hakohen, author of the Divrel Dovid; Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yitzchok Eizik Halevi Herzog, Chief Rabbi of Israel and author of the Helchal Yitzchok (5719/1959); Yahrzeit of Eli’ezer Yehudah Finkel, Dean of the Mir Yeshiva, Jerusalem (5725/1965)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Natan Neta Hanover;

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Avrohom Cha’yim Na’eh, author of the Ketzos Hashulchan (5714/1954)

21 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem
22 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shlomo Machlamah of Karlin, author of the markeves HaMishnah on the Yad HaChazokah of the Rambam
23 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe of Cordova (HaRamak), author of the Ohr Yokor (5330/1570)
25 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Aryah Leib, author of the Sha’agas Aryeh
26 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried, author of the Kitzur Shulchan Oruch
27 Yahrzeit of Yosef HaTzadik ben Ya'akov Aveinu, Prince of the Tribe
28 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, author of the Yismach Moshe (5601/1841)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shlomo ben Rabbi Yitzchok (Rashi) (4865/1105)

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe of Zalishin, author of the Mishpot Tzedek (5591/1831)