Almanac of Important Jewish and Biblical Dates

Month Hebrew Name Astrological Sign
Tishrei Moznayim Libra
Cheshvan Akrav Scorpio
Kislev Keshet Sagittarius
Teves G'di Capricorn
Shevat D'li Aquarius
Adar (on leap years there is a double month of Adar) Dagim Pisces
Nissan Taleh Aries
Iyar Shor Taurus
Sivan Teomim Gemini
Tammuz Sartan Cancer
Av Aryeh Leo
Elul Betulah Virgo


(Hebrew name: Akrav, Astrological sign: Scorpio)

1 Yahrzeit of Rabbi David Umoshe of Morocco
3 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin
9 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Asher ben Yechiel, Rosh
10 Yahrzeit of Gad, Prince of the Tribe.

Yahrzeit of Metushelach HaTzadik ben Chanoch, grandfather of Noach.

Yahrzeit of Rochel Emenu, wife of Yaakov (Jacob), mother of Yosef (Joseph) and Benyamin (Benjamin). Rochel was known for her beauty. She left the world at the age of 36 while giving birth to Benyamin. She is buried on the road, just outside of the city of Betlechem (Bethlehem).

The entire Jewish people is credited to Rochel because she was the reason Yaakov ultimately stayed (worked seven years for her hand in marriage) with his uncle, Laban, and also married Leah, Rochel's older sister by Laban's trickery. When we speak of Rochel and Leah, we always say Rochel before Leah even though she was the younger one because she was Yaakov's soulmate, true love, and inspiration.

When Yaakov was reunited with his son, Yosef, he said to him "I buried your mother there on the road." Yosef said, "I can give the order to move her to the Cave of Machpelah in Hevron." Yaakov explained that she should not be moved "for I buried her there on the road by Divine decree. In the future as my children go into exile, they will pass Rochel's tomb and embrace it. She will pray for mercy on their behalf and The Holy One, Blessed is He, will accept her prayer."

Birthday and yahrzeit of Benyamin, Prince of the Tribe, son of Yaakov and Rochel.

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Nachum of Chernobel

12 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Zeev Wolf Kitzess

Yahrzeit of Matitiahu Hasmonian, the High Priest (166 BCE) (he was deposed by the Greeks) - he was the zealous force for G-d and Torah as well as the brains and the willpower to rid the Greek abomination and way of life from the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. His son, Yehudah Macabee, finished his father's work, retook the Temple in Jerusalem and established the eight days of Chanukah as and eternal remembrance of the event, the miracles, and a living light and guidepost.

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Leib.


Yahrzeit Rabbi (Reb) Shlomo Carlebach ZT"L, the sweetest of the sweet and the greatest musician and storyteller of the last century, beloved and missed by his students and all who came to know him - some called Reb Shlomo the "Hippie Rabbi"

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Amram Chasida (300 CE?) - lived in Babylonia, second generation Amora (from the sages of the Talmud). You could say that he was a living example of Yira Shemiam (awe/fear of Heaven). This Yira is expressed by both outward and inward meticulous observance of Torah law.

18 HaRav Meir Kahane ZT"L, this Rabbinical leader who became a political force had clear vision for the bright future of the Land of Israel with a clear and mentally sound, totally applicable plan which, in the very near future, will most probably be utilized. Assassinated November 5, 1990 on a visit to New York City. Later, his murderers attempted to blow up the World Trade Center causing massive damage. Then on September 11, 2001 they were finally successful in the destruction of the buildings thereby murdering almost 3,000 innocent people and causing well over $100 billion in immediate damage in New York and which has caused extreme economic damage worldwide to this day.
20 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Avraham, Ravad II (1119-1198 CE) - Talmudist and Kabbalist of the highest and deepest level. Eliyahu HaNavie (the Prophet) appeared to him as well as his very notable son, Rabbi Yitzchak Sagi Nahor.

Yahrzeit of the Stanislover Rebbe - Rabbi Yisroel Rosenbaum - (1931-2009) - The Stanislaver Rebbe’s way was purely that of “Derech Hashem” (G-d’s way). When one stops worrying, and lets G-d take control, all doors open and close at the right time!

Yahrzeit of Rabbi David ben Zimra

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Elazar HaKohen of Sochotshov


Yahrzeit of Rabbi Avraham Azulai - Rabbi Avraham Azulai was an essential link in the Kabbalistic chain. The year that Rabbi Moshe Cordovero left this world Rabbi Azulai was born. Rabbi Azulai, a pillar of Kabbalistic thought, incorporated both the teachings of the Ari HaKodesh and Rabbi Moshe Cordovero. He produced a monumental book, the Chesed L'Avraham. Rabbi Azulai excavated from Chaim Vital's tomb in Damascus his manuscripts (Etz Chaim - The Tree of Life which is the Kabbalistic teachings of the Ari HaKodesh). from his tomb in Damascus (Syria). What we have said is merely the tip of the iceberg.

28 Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yonah HaChasid of Gerona (1180-1263 CE) - Author of the Shaarei Teshuvah (Gate of Repentance) a monumental work.